30 Minutes, Day 2

Okay – I may have to bend the rules this weekend, weather permitting.  The second day has brought industriousness and insight:  1/4 done, this bed is going to take approximately 21 more wheelbarrow loads of soil, 12 wheelbarrows full of “stump dirt” and/or a lot more rotting logs, and then a killing mulch to (hopefully) rid the soil of any remnants of “creeping charlie” – an invasive mint.  On the bright side,  the creeping charlie  kept the rodents out of the fallow garden, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing…

Another bright side, the “wicking bed” will only need a layer of soil due to settling from last year and some manure.  The lasagna bed already has three layers (one manure, one soil, one grass clippings) from last year, so it will only need a couple of additional layers: I’m planning on manure/spent hay/killing mulch (newspaper as it’s planting time, otherwise I’d use cardboard), and then a light layer (1/2″) of soil to hold the newspaper down.  It’s high time (past, actually) to plant the peas, so hopefully I’ll fill one of the other beds and start them tomorrow…

HugelKultur Bed, day 2: Rotting wood covered partially by fresh soil.

Rotting wood covered by garden soil from the beds that need moving. Bottom left & center: thornless raspberry plants to be moved.

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