30 Minutes – Day 4 Progress

Hugelkultur bed half completed, more soil needed.

Only 17 more wheelbarrows of soil to go!

Overcast, and when I went out it rained, but not enough to soak.  Backed off on trying to cover the logs completely with the rotting stump-peat (?), and focusing on moving dirt.  Four more wheel-barrows of dirt (only 17 to go!), the rest of the logs filled in, and my neck is not hurting from the gardening, but from a marathon session at the computer (job search, Comp/TIA studies and mapping out other blogs).  Hoping for another good day tomorrow and a backloader (okay wishing for a backloader, but that’s not going to happen).One potential problem with this initially, may be a lack of nitrogen, since wood rotting down tends to “steal” the nitrogen to break it down.  If it’s too close to the root system (not enough soil), it could potentially stunt the growth of the plants this year.  Since it’s not fresh wood (2+ to 10 years  of rotting), I am hoping that the initial nitrogen stealing properties of the wood in the soil will be minimal.  We will find out over the course of this season.  As for now, I’m happily getting off the computer and walking the dogs, making dinner, cleaning the kitchen and other such non – “sitting on my kiester” endeavors.

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  1. admin says:

    We’re going to plant a number if different crops in this bed, but the best are reported to be summer and winter squash, melons, potatoes, cucumbers and legumes.

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