30 Minutes – Day 63: rain is a four letter word…

…we did have a sunny couple of days, but they’re always punctuated by overhanging clouds and rain on the weekends and days off.  Despite that fact, it is possible to dig in the old compost pile to create more beds (previous post re: temporary wicking beds), weed – about 20 minutes, planting bush beans into the strawberry “pyramid” – about five minutes – and picking more strawberries!  They are supposed to be reaching the end of their season about now, but so far have not shown signs of slowing.  No problem!

The cucumbers are not liking the cool soil, they are growing in slow motion, where the patty-pan squash are growing like crazy.

Broccoli so far are growing real well on the lasagna bed and on the hugelkultur bed, disappearing completely from the banana box bed (not enough soil, I think), and spotty in the wicking bed.

Bush beans are growing well everywhere, as are the snow peas.

Carrots – starting to show up in the banana box, covered them so varmints won’t mow them down unless they find their way under the inverted plastic strawberry containers.

Let’s see – what’s left?  Potatoes are going strong, the volunteers shipped to a friend who’s garden is also spotty, but they’ve been able to get their carrots further along, and have bruxells sprouts, while their broccoli refuses to grow – go figure.

Tomatoes are doing well in all beds, with further plantings going into newer experimental beds.

Need to decide where to plant the chard, and mark it so I don’t pull them up as weeds.

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