30 minutes on the bed…

Hugelkultur row, 4 ft by 18 ft, with only the first sixth covered with semi-rotted logs

…the garden bed. Started the “Hugelkultur” bed, where you bury logs, brush

and other woody debris with one foot of soil. The wood acts like a sponge and regulates the moisture, as well as providing nutrients from both the wood itself and the micro-organisms that are helping to break it down. Found a reference to “stump dirt” at “waldeneffect.org“, and realized I have a similar material on our property.  The logs that were sitting along the perimeter of our property have rotted down over the last ten years to the consistency of peat moss, with a lot of white fungal veins and roots of nearby trees threaded throughtout.  Using this  as the primary filler after I lay down the birch that has been rotting nearby for over one year and is almost stump dirt itself.  Filled about 1/6 of the area with the first layer.  You can see another time-saving “hack” as well: the “killing mulch” – a layer of corrugated cardboard layed down the year before that smothered all of the weeds this spring.  Under the soil, it will eventually rot just like the logs.

Closeup of birch logs with "stump soil" in the background, on corrugated cardboard "killing mulch" from last fall.

Closeup of birch logs with "stump dirt" in the background, on corrugated cardboard "killing mulch" from last fall.

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