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Penny Pincher’s Slug Solution Myth Busted?

Heard of a solution to our slug problem:  surround your prized plants with a circle of pennies to keep the slugs away.  For pennies you can keep those slimy suckers at bay!  Worth a try.  The thought is that slugs

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Sweet Tomatoes

You can sweeten your tomatoes on the vine by using a little less than 1/4 cup of baking soda and sprinkling it around your tomato plant. Test your soil first – if it’s already alkaline (a pH above 7.0), this

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Open Source Seed Initiative

What’s better than an unbirthday? An unpatent!  The Open Source Seed Initiative breeds varieties of vegetables that are unpatentable – open source, free from litigation. A hack? Yes – on a long-range scale.  There was a time when patenting seeds

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The 27 Minute Gardener is Available in Hard Copy

The 27 Minute Gardener, available on Kindle, is now available in hard cover via CreateSpace ( Available soon from as well. You can follow my daily blogs as I follow the book, gardening in only 27 minutes per day.

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Keyhole Gardening Hack

Great for arid climates, this keyhole gardening article sums it up nicely.  Don’t know if it would work in the sopping wet northeast, but I love the idea! Looking at the side-view cutout it reminds me of a hugelkultur bed

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Garden Map Hack

There are many ways to mark what’s supposed to be growing where in your garden. They often become faded, knocked over or hidden by your vegetables. The best solution is to create a map of your garden.  A simple sketch to

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Grocery Bag Weed Block Hack

Back to blogging, though mostly on the “” site – I’ll be putting quick and easy hacks here that I’ve used or find interesting.  This is one of the easiest (and free) hacks for supressing weeds. Cut the bottom off

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Quick, Weedless Garden Path (Recyclable!)

  Paths are necessary to get to your vegetables. Some gardeners plant in rows leaving the paths as grass and mowing it. Others will create paths laying down sand, weed blocking cloth, then brick or stone.  Which way is the

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Don’t Be a Seed Scrooge!

Okay, I admit it, I’m a seed miser when it comes to my packets.  I just looked in my collection and found several of them mostly untouched dating back to 2011.  Some may germinate, but I’m not betting the garden

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Is It Time To Garden Yet?

Icy stream

Is it time to garden yet?  The outside says no, but the calendar says now. Not outdoors – I tried – the shovel won’t break through the mulch unless I use a blowtorch, but I won’t go to those extremes.

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