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Gardener’s Journal Hardcover – Record Your Gardening Ideas

Gardener's Journal Hardcover Picture

Keep a journal filled with your own garden musings, writings, observations and sketches. On each page is a quote about gardens and gardening, giving you something to ponder as you exercise your green thumbs writing about your own adventures in horticulture. It’s

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Preserving Your Herbs for Winter

Some great information from to help you carry the flavors of your garden through the winter.  Herbs have always been an afterthought for me, usually surfacing after the first frost when I remember I’d planted some basil or other herbs

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Potato Rings

Try as I might, I’ve never actually filled these 18″ potato rings to the top. Either I have other uses for the yard clippings or get sidetracked, but this year I did fill them to 8″.  With four plants in each,

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Bag o’ Soil and Manure Hack

This is an experiment I’ve been wanting to try for years. Better for the spring and for one large or two cherry tomatoes, using a couple of bags of gardening material stacked on top of each other (potting soil on

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HTTPS:// Great plans for a large clotche. In the northeast it would be wise to insert rebar into the pvc tubes and make them 16″ on center to hold the snow.

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The Joys of a 4 Year Old Bed and a Potato Production Hack

We’ll get to my four year old bed in a minute. My potatoes are beginning to grow in their “barrels” – hoops would be more appropriate. They are three 1/3 plastic barrels cut from a leaky 50 gallon water barrel and two of

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Gutter Gardens

Gutter Gardens are easy, handy, low maintenance gardens that can be hung on walls, fences or just out of reach of most varmints.  They make gardening for those that cannot stoop easy, too.  Here are a few examples I’ve found

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Time’s up – Plant!

“Plant it or cover it: grow it or smother it.” The days are warm enough for those who were complaining about the long winter and the frigid temperatures to start complaining about the heat.  That’s good – let them complain!

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Taming the Canes

leaves forming on a raspberry cane

“If they’re green, I make sure they don’t lean; If they’re brown, I cut them down.” We’ve been blessed with neighbors that cultivate wonderful thornless raspberries and wild birds that steal the same.  The birds are smart, too – they don’t eat

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Gardening 2015: Digging in the Snow…

Dug out my first garden bed yesterday. Today – the end of April mind you – I was greeted to a pristine white coating of snow completely covering the back porch. I am beginning to appreciate the Japanese culture’s view that

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