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2011 Garden Layout in Review

  Now that we’re in February and the catalogs are coming in at least once every couple of weeks, I am getting back to this site, and planning the new garden.  First, though, a review of last year’s garden layout

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Wearable Garden?

I always thought the little vase in the VW’s was cute, but I didn’t have a VW.  This is truly novel, and a great way to “cultivate” conversations about gardening: shows a wearable vase for your lapel, your tie, your

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Carrots in my Cellar

After a couple of big freezes and thaws, the snow has finally come (January 11, 2012 was the first accumulation). Before this, I had successfully pulled my carrots, soil and all, and placed them in the cellar. They were frozen

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Received the D.Landreth Seed Company Catalog

Got our catalog from the D. Landreth Seed Company.  Lots of good information, excellent varieties.  Will be perusing this one first, then Seed Saver’s Exchange for more varieties, but will need to check my stock first…  I tend to over

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D. Landreth Seed Co.

    Update: We have been in contact with the D. Landreth Seed Company, and while they’re not out of the shark infested water, an island of hope appears to be closer!  According to their latest post: “…Landreth has received

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King Harry Potato Harvest Results Come in Mixed

We’ve been planting the King Harry potato or “King Hairy” potatoes for several years now.  The first experiment we are currently harvesting is the potatoes with minimal dirt coverage, mostly grass clippings (other than an initial covering of dirt to

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Day 85 – Lasagna Bed Takes the Lead

After a weekend away, the lasagna bed pulled ahead in the race for the most produce, with the hugelkultur bed surpassing the box bed by a little less than an ounce.  Bringing up the rear is the leaky wicking bed.  Putting

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Comfrey tea for plants?

I just gave my patty pan squash, as well as my broccoli seedlings and carrot seedlings a shot of comfrey tea.  Feeding tea to plants?  Comfrey itself has a good amount of nitrogen potassium and phosphorus.  According to, dried wilted

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Start Cool Weather Crops in the Summer?

Yes – as posted earlier, you can start cool weather crops in the summer – middle of a heat wave in fact, as long as you can keep the soil moist.  By covering the soil with a light mulch and

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Day 80 – When a Wicking Bed Goes Bad

It appears there is a leak in the plastic under the wicking bed.  Within hours of filling it (twice), the reservoir is empty.  The potatoes at the end appear to be missing the water, too – they are turning yellow

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