Carrots in my Cellar

After a couple of big freezes and thaws, the snow has finally come (January 11, 2012 was the first accumulation). Before this, I had successfully pulled my carrots, soil and all, and placed them in the cellar. They were frozen solid, as the insulation helps keep in cold as well as heat. So I brought the box – soil, frozen water and all into the cellar. A week later, this is what it looks like:

The one I had tried pulling from the box while everything was still frozen is the one I pulled out.  It was nicely formed and tasty, especially with some dip according to my daughter (I did take a test bite before I gave it up – I prefer them without the dip).  This makes me wonder if I should move my grow lights downstairs, where they would be neglected in the 57 degree dampness for weeks at a time.  At least they wouldn’t dry out as quickly as they do upstairs…Carrot pulled from the insulated grow box.  Nice! -

carrots in the cellar in their insulated grow box -


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