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30 minutes per day in the garden – can I do it? Can I find and use enough time saving and labor saving “garden hacks” to be able to keep the garden tended, weed free, productive in only 30 minutes per day? We’ll find out!

The 27 Minute Gardener is Available in Hard Copy

The 27 Minute Gardener, available on Kindle, is now available in hard cover via CreateSpace ( Available soon from as well. You can follow my daily blogs as I follow the book, gardening in only 27 minutes per day.

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Garden Map Hack

There are many ways to mark what’s supposed to be growing where in your garden. They often become faded, knocked over or hidden by your vegetables. The best solution is to create a map of your garden.  A simple sketch to

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Grocery Bag Weed Block Hack

Back to blogging, though mostly on the “” site – I’ll be putting quick and easy hacks here that I’ve used or find interesting.  This is one of the easiest (and free) hacks for supressing weeds. Cut the bottom off

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Quick, Weedless Garden Path (Recyclable!)

  Paths are necessary to get to your vegetables. Some gardeners plant in rows leaving the paths as grass and mowing it. Others will create paths laying down sand, weed blocking cloth, then brick or stone.  Which way is the

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Gardener’s Journal Hardcover – Record Your Gardening Ideas

Gardener's Journal Hardcover Picture

Keep a journal filled with your own garden musings, writings, observations and sketches. On each page is a quote about gardens and gardening, giving you something to ponder as you exercise your green thumbs writing about your own adventures in horticulture. It’s

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Taming the Canes

leaves forming on a raspberry cane

“If they’re green, I make sure they don’t lean; If they’re brown, I cut them down.” We’ve been blessed with neighbors that cultivate wonderful thornless raspberries and wild birds that steal the same.  The birds are smart, too – they don’t eat

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Gardening 2015: Digging in the Snow…

Dug out my first garden bed yesterday. Today – the end of April mind you – I was greeted to a pristine white coating of snow completely covering the back porch. I am beginning to appreciate the Japanese culture’s view that

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Day 99 – Numbers skewed but the trends continue to favor the Lasagna garden bed

Took a week away last week, and it seems technology took a holiday as well in many forms.  First I lost (then later found) my flash drive. Then my MP3 player decided it had enough (Sansa Clip that was working

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Day 85 – Lasagna Bed Takes the Lead

After a weekend away, the lasagna bed pulled ahead in the race for the most produce, with the hugelkultur bed surpassing the box bed by a little less than an ounce.  Bringing up the rear is the leaky wicking bed.  Putting

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Start Cool Weather Crops in the Summer?

Yes – as posted earlier, you can start cool weather crops in the summer – middle of a heat wave in fact, as long as you can keep the soil moist.  By covering the soil with a light mulch and

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