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Sweet Tomatoes

You can sweeten your tomatoes on the vine by using a little less than 1/4 cup of baking soda and sprinkling it around your tomato plant. Test your soil first – if it’s already alkaline (a pH above 7.0), this

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Gardener’s Journal Hardcover – Record Your Gardening Ideas

Gardener's Journal Hardcover Picture

Keep a journal filled with your own garden musings, writings, observations and sketches. On each page is a quote about gardens and gardening, giving you something to ponder as you exercise your green thumbs writing about your own adventures in horticulture. It’s

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Time’s up – Plant!

“Plant it or cover it: grow it or smother it.” The days are warm enough for those who were complaining about the long winter and the frigid temperatures to start complaining about the heat.  That’s good – let them complain!

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Outdoor Gardening is Over? Not Quite…

We’re getting our first frost tomorrow morning, so the remnants in the garden will be coming in.  Most of the tomatoes got struck down by a late blight – except for “Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes” that are the best thin

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Till

Life as a worm You’ve found a great place to live: plenty of rotting vegetation, roots that have expired, leaving nodules of nitrogen and plenty of other edible goodies, including fungi and an abundance of leaves right at the surface.

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Gardenhacker Garden Plan for 2012

The plan this year is less experiments, more volume.   The hugelkultur bed did well last year, as did the lasagna (sheet composting) beds, with mixed results in the box beds and the failure of the wicking bed.  Okay, not

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True Square Foot Gardening

An intriguing garden idea: Create a garden you can walk through, while giving the plants ample room to grow. By alternating a foot of growing area and a foot square “stepping stone”, arranged like a checker board.  Indeed, even the

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Pathways to a Successful Garden

It’s been extremely warm these past two weeks here in “Zone 5”, so much so that several other gardeners are planting already.  Definitely feels like the right time, but there’s still big chances of frost.  Since we have an abundant

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Day 88 – Patty Pan Push Lasagna Bed Further Ahead

A couple of more pattypan squash have pushed the lasagna bed even further ahead, at almost 2.5 pounds (1.13kg) total yield from this gardening technique.  I remember over fourty years ago getting ready for “the coming of the metric system”.  Now,

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Day 85 – Lasagna Bed Takes the Lead

After a weekend away, the lasagna bed pulled ahead in the race for the most produce, with the hugelkultur bed surpassing the box bed by a little less than an ounce.  Bringing up the rear is the leaky wicking bed.  Putting

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