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Day 13 and Transplanting Stawberry hacks.

Cleanup day.  Spent the 30 minutes cleaning up the wicking bed.  Weeds pulled up easily, thanks to the good soil and getting to them early. With the impending rain, I also decided it was time to start moving the strawberries

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30 Minutes – Day 3 – RAIN

RAIN.  “You can’t solve rain.” – So says Merlin Mann in his latest “Back to Work” segment.  Incredible to listen to him resolve issues – he’s able to verbalize thought processes like nobody I know.  But enough about that –

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All About Strawberries

“…There are three major types of strawberries, though if you counted, youd find over six hundred varieties! Different shapes, sizes, colors and growing habits differentiate these wonderful treats. The major types of strawberries are: June Bearing either early, mid or

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In the Garden – Upside-Down Crops Are Growing in Popularity –

Ah, the upside down garden!  Love it, hate it.  Here’s the positives: Less space needed, no digging, no weeds! Here’s the negatives: Need something strong enough to hold them up, need to water them regularly and often, limited soil, and

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New Years resolutions for gardeners – San Jose Mercury News

The National Gardening Association estimates that 19 percent more people grew vegetables in 2009 than in 2008. While experienced gardeners may adhere easily to their annual gardening resolutions, new gardeners will see real results by following through on the following

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Fast Cooking Compost Pile

Want a really fast cooking compost pile? Here’s all you need: 1/3 horse manure 2/3 leaves or grass If you don’t have ready access to a barnyard, substitute a high N product, such as blood meal. via Fast Cooking Compost

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How to Make Hot Compost : Planet Green

How to Make Hot Compost : Planet Green. The Hack: “…Insulate: Lining the sides and top of your heap with cardboard can help keep temperatures up …” Great idea!  You can find corrugated cardboard at most retail establishments, and many

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Make a Compost Bin from an Old Storage Tub : Planet Green

From Planet Green, a simple DIY project to make a composting bin from an old storage bin.  Be sure it’s at least 3 cu. ft so that it’ll heat up properly.  You’ll also have to turn the pile once a

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4 Square feet = 100 lbs of potatoes?

(right-click on the pic and “view image” to see full instructions) On many occasions, I’ve been tempted to grow my own potatoes. They’re fairly low maintenance, can be grown in a pot or in the ground, last a fairly long

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The Lompoc Record

“… Rather than the brawny, sprawling crops of summer that bear fruits, pods, ears and gourds, winter vegetables tend to be small and offer up leaves, flowers and roots. Most take up less space, don’t require as much sunlight and

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