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Sweet Tomatoes

You can sweeten your tomatoes on the vine by using a little less than 1/4 cup of baking soda and sprinkling it around your tomato plant. Test your soil first – if it’s already alkaline (a pH above 7.0), this

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Till

Life as a worm You’ve found a great place to live: plenty of rotting vegetation, roots that have expired, leaving nodules of nitrogen and plenty of other edible goodies, including fungi and an abundance of leaves right at the surface.

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Pathways to a Successful Garden

It’s been extremely warm these past two weeks here in “Zone 5”, so much so that several other gardeners are planting already.  Definitely feels like the right time, but there’s still big chances of frost.  Since we have an abundant

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Day 88 – Patty Pan Push Lasagna Bed Further Ahead

A couple of more pattypan squash have pushed the lasagna bed even further ahead, at almost 2.5 pounds (1.13kg) total yield from this gardening technique.  I remember over fourty years ago getting ready for “the coming of the metric system”.  Now,

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Comfrey tea for plants?

I just gave my patty pan squash, as well as my broccoli seedlings and carrot seedlings a shot of comfrey tea.  Feeding tea to plants?  Comfrey itself has a good amount of nitrogen potassium and phosphorus.  According to, dried wilted

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Day 80 – When a Wicking Bed Goes Bad

It appears there is a leak in the plastic under the wicking bed.  Within hours of filling it (twice), the reservoir is empty.  The potatoes at the end appear to be missing the water, too – they are turning yellow

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Day 76 – Beans and Peas and a New Garden Experiment

The new garden experiment is: Miracle-Gro Garden Mix vs 1 part soil, 1 part Manure. Facing south, the left box is the Miracle-Gro, the right is the soil-manure mix. In the manure pile, there was some well aged manure (no

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Comfrey Tea Composting Update – PU!

Within the first two days, the comfrey tea was looking dark brown, and not smelling at all. Great! I did it – or so I thought.  “I’ll just let it go for a week – let it get really ‘good’.”

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Aerobic Comfrey Tea Update

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was looking for and found my “bubbler” from the old tank, complete with the hose and a small air stone.  Cut down a lot of comfrey, put about 1/4 of a bucket full

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Day 59 – Strawberries Everywhere, and Comfrey Tea

We came back from a much needed vacation, and have not needed to water the garden.  Weeding is another matter, at least around some of the beds, but no need for pumping water – it rained here at least as

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