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Penny Pincher’s Slug Solution Myth Busted?

Heard of a solution to our slug problem:  surround your prized plants with a circle of pennies to keep the slugs away.  For pennies you can keep those slimy suckers at bay!  Worth a try.  The thought is that slugs

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Sweet Tomatoes

You can sweeten your tomatoes on the vine by using a little less than 1/4 cup of baking soda and sprinkling it around your tomato plant. Test your soil first – if it’s already alkaline (a pH above 7.0), this

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Open Source Seed Initiative

What’s better than an unbirthday? An unpatent!  The Open Source Seed Initiative breeds varieties of vegetables that are unpatentable – open source, free from litigation. A hack? Yes – on a long-range scale.  There was a time when patenting seeds

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The 27 Minute Gardener is Available in Hard Copy

The 27 Minute Gardener, available on Kindle, is now available in hard cover via CreateSpace ( Available soon from as well. You can follow my daily blogs as I follow the book, gardening in only 27 minutes per day.

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Garden Map Hack

There are many ways to mark what’s supposed to be growing where in your garden. They often become faded, knocked over or hidden by your vegetables. The best solution is to create a map of your garden.  A simple sketch to

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Preserving Your Herbs for Winter

Some great information from to help you carry the flavors of your garden through the winter.  Herbs have always been an afterthought for me, usually surfacing after the first frost when I remember I’d planted some basil or other herbs

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HTTPS:// Great plans for a large clotche. In the northeast it would be wise to insert rebar into the pvc tubes and make them 16″ on center to hold the snow.

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Time’s up – Plant!

“Plant it or cover it: grow it or smother it.” The days are warm enough for those who were complaining about the long winter and the frigid temperatures to start complaining about the heat.  That’s good – let them complain!

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It’s Time to Start Planning


One of the best ways to have a successful garden is to look over the fence:  what have your neighbors successfully grown?  If your passion is figs and you’re in the USA Zone 5, you will have a hard time

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Indoor Salad Gardening

Learn how you can take a small space and create a salad garden indoors without the threat of bugs, varmints, or inclement weather!  You can grow most if not all of your favorite salad fixings right inside your home and not have

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