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Gardenhacker’s Garden Update

The potatoes are taking off, despite the extreme wet weather,  bought some starts at the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market including some orange melons, Paul Robeson Tomatoes, and an heirloom I never knew about: Northampton Paste Tomato(aka Northampton Italian Plum), went down

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Great Public Domain Book Available Online

There is a wonderful reference in the public domain regarding plant roots. Written in 1927, this book illustrates the root growth of many vegetables in a variety of conditions. has made this book available online at  While the book

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Received the D.Landreth Seed Company Catalog

Got our catalog from the D. Landreth Seed Company.  Lots of good information, excellent varieties.  Will be perusing this one first, then Seed Saver’s Exchange for more varieties, but will need to check my stock first…  I tend to over

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D. Landreth Seed Co.

    Update: We have been in contact with the D. Landreth Seed Company, and while they’re not out of the shark infested water, an island of hope appears to be closer!  According to their latest post: “…Landreth has received

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Gardenhacker Gauges!

There is an interesting way to share information via Google, using spreadsheets and charts, you can (according to Google) “put this code into any web page” and voila! There’s your chart – right there! So far, I haven’t been able

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What Should Follow in Crop Rotation

A quick FYI post of the best crop rotation practices: Root Crops Legumes/Brassica Tomatoes/Peppers Sweet Corn/Curcubits (cucumbers) A six crop rotation would look like this: Legumes Brassicas Root crops, carrots, parsnips, potatoes Corn, curcubits Tomatoes, capsicums, eggplant Green manure crop

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