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Keyhole Gardening Hack

Great for arid climates, this keyhole gardening article sums it up nicely.  Don’t know if it would work in the sopping wet northeast, but I love the idea! Looking at the side-view cutout it reminds me of a hugelkultur bed

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Gardener’s Journal Hardcover – Record Your Gardening Ideas

Gardener's Journal Hardcover Picture

Keep a journal filled with your own garden musings, writings, observations and sketches. On each page is a quote about gardens and gardening, giving you something to ponder as you exercise your green thumbs writing about your own adventures in horticulture. It’s

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Bag o’ Soil and Manure Hack

This is an experiment I’ve been wanting to try for years. Better for the spring and for one large or two cherry tomatoes, using a couple of bags of gardening material stacked on top of each other (potting soil on

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Taming the Canes

leaves forming on a raspberry cane

“If they’re green, I make sure they don’t lean; If they’re brown, I cut them down.” We’ve been blessed with neighbors that cultivate wonderful thornless raspberries and wild birds that steal the same.  The birds are smart, too – they don’t eat

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Great Gift Idea for Your Winter Friends

What a great idea from Cooks Garden Center!  Using the different colored seeds for the different shades.   Almost makes me wish I’d grown more sunflowers – although the squirrels and the chickadees have made sohrt work of everything that

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True Square Foot Gardening

An intriguing garden idea: Create a garden you can walk through, while giving the plants ample room to grow. By alternating a foot of growing area and a foot square “stepping stone”, arranged like a checker board.  Indeed, even the

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Wearable Garden?

I always thought the little vase in the VW’s was cute, but I didn’t have a VW.  This is truly novel, and a great way to “cultivate” conversations about gardening: shows a wearable vase for your lapel, your tie, your

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D. Landreth Seed Co.

    Update: We have been in contact with the D. Landreth Seed Company, and while they’re not out of the shark infested water, an island of hope appears to be closer!  According to their latest post: “…Landreth has received

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Start Cool Weather Crops in the Summer?

Yes – as posted earlier, you can start cool weather crops in the summer – middle of a heat wave in fact, as long as you can keep the soil moist.  By covering the soil with a light mulch and

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Day 55 – What to do with Volunteer Plants

I’ve had a lot of volunteer potatoes popping up throughout the garden.  Some of them quite deep.  The best thing to do with volunteer plants (if you know what they are) is to replant them, filling in areas that didn’t

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