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Myth Busted! Slugs Prefer Cukes with a Light Mist

Tried out the “method” I had described earlier using cucumbers on an aluminum pie plate – where, according to legend “the cucumber on the aluminum reacts and creates a smell that drives away slugs…”.  Well, as you can see in

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Day 22 – Indoors

Potted up a lot of potting soil and planted three types of tomato seeds: Early Girl, Lincoln and Oregon Spring. Out of thirty two plantings, I hope to be able to give a few away. Would have been better if

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Back after a long winter…

Ahh, back – on a new server, and ready to dig!  Have several plans, and there’s new construction starting on the house, so I actually have to move my established asparagus and grapes, which should at least set back the

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Harvest Produce at the Grocery Store : Discovery News

Imagine going to a garden and picking your fresh veggies, only you don’t have to brave the heat/ cold/ sun/ rain/ bugs/ etc.  Instead, you go into your friendly neighborhood freshproducehydromart and pick your fresh produce.  Locally grown, and harvested 500

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Free Solar Greenhouse Plans

Solar Greenhouses greenhouse plans at end of articleCalling a greenhouse solar is somewhat redundant, since all greenhouses are solar heated to some extent. The greenhouse itself traps the heat each day, as anyone who has been inside a greenhouse for

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Good Planning Tips from the Wallstreet Journal

Great little interactive graphics, too!

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Indoor Salad Gardens can Chase Away the Winter Blues

An Indoor Salad Garden can chase away the winter blues, and help you and your kids avoid being stir crazy.  Easily done with little materials or room, and you can get a salad a week from very little space. salad

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15 Homemade Organic Gardening Sprays and Concoctions That Actually Work : Planet Green

While “Sluggo” will still be in my arsenal until I can find a better solution, making my own bug killers will greatly reduce the cash outlay as well as keep the added chemicals out of my garden. 15 Homemade Organic

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Companion Planting

“… Companion planting can play a significant role in assisting with pest control. It’s a methodology that has more to do with observation than science, but it does seem to work. Some combinations work because of scents they use to repel

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The Norman Transcript – Eggplant on my mind

Call me crazy, but I am already thinking about what vegetables I want to start growing this coming year. I know I want to branch out and grow some new things, but I’ve also re-evaluated just how much I need

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