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The 27 Minute Gardener is Available in Hard Copy

The 27 Minute Gardener, available on Kindle, is now available in hard cover via CreateSpace ( Available soon from as well. You can follow my daily blogs as I follow the book, gardening in only 27 minutes per day.

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Groceries from Your Groceries

Up to 1/3 of what comes home as fresh produce ends up in the compost heap. Half of that can be grown or extended. Everything from Beet greens to Zucchini can be coaxed on in one way or another. You

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Let the Asparagus Go (until spring)

Many tips for gardening from Purdue University Extension, including “…Asparagus top growth should not be removed until foliage yellows. Let foliage stand over winter to collect snows for insulation and moisture. “… Plowing and incorporating organic matter in the fall

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4 Square feet = 100 lbs of potatoes?

(right-click on the pic and “view image” to see full instructions) On many occasions, I’ve been tempted to grow my own potatoes. They’re fairly low maintenance, can be grown in a pot or in the ground, last a fairly long

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The Lompoc Record

“… Rather than the brawny, sprawling crops of summer that bear fruits, pods, ears and gourds, winter vegetables tend to be small and offer up leaves, flowers and roots. Most take up less space, don’t require as much sunlight and

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Clever plot – Gardening is Now Fashionable

And if it’s fashionable in Europe this fall, you know that in spring it’ll be the rage in the US… Okay, so it already is here, with urban gardens, people converting their front yards into beautiful plots with decorative peppers

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Growing Your Own Stimulus Package – Plant your fall garden NOW

For us northenrers, we’ll need to find fast growing vegetables and root crops that can overwinter.  For those in the more temperate climes, you can plant slower growing veggies and enjoy less heating bills! The Hack:  Plant for all four

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Small Footprint, Big Yield

Some of the best use of space I’ve seen in a long time.  Even though I’m blessed with almost one acre of land, a lot of it is taken up by play areas or swamp for half the season.  The

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Grow your own borscht: Planning a fall vegetable garden

We’re not in Virginia, but the same ideas apply.  The Hack:  Make use of your garden into the fall and beyond by planning and planting cooler weather crops now. Grow your own borscht: Planning a fall vegetable garden.

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Less sweat for the yield? Try perennial fruits and veggies: Times Argus Online

I’ve been “cultivating” some of the thornless raspberries I found on my property for the last several years – just ran a lawn mower through the middle of  ’em since they didn’t yield at all.  Did find some better perfoming

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