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Free Info in Sustainability Permaculture Visions

Free is good! Free Info in Sustainability Permaculture Visions.

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Lettuce Have Salad the Whole Summer Long

Lettuce likes to bolt in the hot sun, but there are a couple of ways to keep the greens coming all summer long. Hack #1: Leaf Lettuce –  Cut and Come Again – taking the outer leaves only, shocks the

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Returns from the Day – Turning Tillage into Tomato Sauce

Returning from the farmer’s market with unsold goods means a monster salad to be eaten that night, or locally grown compost material that has a hidden value: “…As the farmers tracked the economics of their efforts, one found that his tomatoes, sweet

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For the Obsessive Compulsive, for Rainy Days, for Black Fly Season

I’d always see the expensive packs of “seed strips” which were more expensive than buying the carrots fully grown in the supermarket and shake my head.  Suddenly it hit me – you should be able to make your own, and

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How Can I Freeze my Crops and Avoid Freezer Burn?

from “… Avoid freezer burn by double- or even triple-wrapping food, filling containers to the top and squeezing the air out of containers (zippered bags are good for this). Some foods and sauces, like pesto, can be stored with

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