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Indoor Salad Garden – Cukes Climb to the Rafters

We’ve ignored the cucumber in the cellar for the last several weeks with the exception of watering them once.  The L.E.D. lights are on for ten hours per day, and total 25 watts of power, or 1KW every four days,

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Day 17 Slogging

The ground is extremely wet, the grass soaked my shoes within ten feet of the beds.  Planting the rest of the broccoli into the lasagna bed and the hugelkultur bed, the killing mulch is like moving cold spinach aside, with

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Peas – Good hack if you had spaces in your trellis

While I had good success with peas this summer, there were still some spaces where the peas did not germinate. Replanting can be preempted by other chores and lower your production. The Hack: soak your peas, and change the water

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Vertical Crop System Piloted

The system grows plants in trays of water moving on a conveyor belt. The company behind it, Valcent, based in Launceston, Cornwall, said it was a sustainable solution to the world’s “rapidly-diminishing resources.” …” via BBC News

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See what a little planning can do?  Okay, these aren’t MY gardens, but they do give me inspiration to rip out the raised beds and start again! – Okay, maybe I’ll keep the raised beds, but I’ll plant them with

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Make it Yourself – or not…

Great article, a small tangent from gardening but worth it.

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How can I keep the caterpillars off my cabbage?

Perhaps someone else can chime in on this, but other than covering the cabbages with a floating row cover (works as long as you do it before you see the cabbage moths) or using BT, does planting the purple variety

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Ahh, so fresh, so clean…

…so empty!  We’ll be filling in the information from the former site as time permits, and add the nice bells and whistles as well.  In the mean time, thanks for dropping by, and check back soon for RSS links,

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