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Gardener’s Journal Hardcover – Record Your Gardening Ideas

Gardener's Journal Hardcover Picture

Keep a journal filled with your own garden musings, writings, observations and sketches. On each page is a quote about gardens and gardening, giving you something to ponder as you exercise your green thumbs writing about your own adventures in horticulture. It’s

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Potato Rings

Try as I might, I’ve never actually filled these 18″ potato rings to the top. Either I have other uses for the yard clippings or get sidetracked, but this year I did fill them to 8″.  With four plants in each,

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Bag o’ Soil and Manure Hack

This is an experiment I’ve been wanting to try for years. Better for the spring and for one large or two cherry tomatoes, using a couple of bags of gardening material stacked on top of each other (potting soil on

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Gutter Gardens

Gutter Gardens are easy, handy, low maintenance gardens that can be hung on walls, fences or just out of reach of most varmints.  They make gardening for those that cannot stoop easy, too.  Here are a few examples I’ve found

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Indoor Salad Garden – Cukes Climb to the Rafters

We’ve ignored the cucumber in the cellar for the last several weeks with the exception of watering them once.  The L.E.D. lights are on for ten hours per day, and total 25 watts of power, or 1KW every four days,

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Spinach Steamer Indoor Garden

baby spinach growing in a "Healthy Choice" steamer tray

Popeye would be proud. These are after about two weeks, and the main leaves are starting in. In the background are the lettuce plants I over planted figuring I’d eat the thinnings, which I have – though I find thinning

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Indoor Salad Garden – Steamer Salad

Lettuce in the steamer sitting on the snow

  Don’t recycle those fancy microwave steamers just yet – they make a great starter container for just about everything you can transplant as well as for salads from start to finish. Healthy Choice (available at your favorite supermarket in

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Lettuce in the Silos 3/16/2013 – Cut and Come, Mow and Grow, Plow and Chow

A nice garden salad from the cellar weighed in at 0.75 oz on a Dymo digital scale.

The lettuce continues to grow, and the one on the right is doing so well, I decided to pick a salad now.  Picked 0.75 oz or a small garden salad’s worth from the one on the right, and it’s still

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Potted Carrots

circle of carrots

Over three pounds of carrots from a single pot! Here they are using an “autopot” which is meant for hydroponics, but they find that rooted plants do better in soil.  After four months, 3.3 lbs (1.5 kilos) of carrots of

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