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Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter and Put Your Garden There Instead

Make your own “vertical veggie garden” with some gutter material and an exterior wall you’re not doing anything with anyway! The Hack: Use a wall and some gutter material to make a vertical garden where no garden has dared to

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Tomato-tainers – Growing a Portable Garden

Moving soon? Need to conserve space? Need (or want) to conserve water? How about saving loads of money by making your own container garden and forgoing the shipping and handling charges for the ones advertised in the sunday magazines? Here’s

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What fruits can I grow in my garden?

A friend of mine asked: “So, what fruits can I grow in my garden?” The easy answer: the three types of fruit for the home gardener that are easy to grow:  strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  Berries?  They’re not fruits! Okay,

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Myth-ing from the Garden

More for landscape than for gardening, but the information is valuable.  Linda Chalker-Scott has a great list of articles she’s written, including the use of wood chips, epsom salt, dust mulching(!) and more.

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Rainbarrel Fitting DIY

Been looking for this in the stores and getting glazed looks. DIY is good!

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