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Don’t Be a Seed Scrooge!

Okay, I admit it, I’m a seed miser when it comes to my packets.  I just looked in my collection and found several of them mostly untouched dating back to 2011.  Some may germinate, but I’m not betting the garden

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Indoor Salad Garden – Cukes Climb to the Rafters

We’ve ignored the cucumber in the cellar for the last several weeks with the exception of watering them once.  The L.E.D. lights are on for ten hours per day, and total 25 watts of power, or 1KW every four days,

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2011 Garden Layout in Review

  Now that we’re in February and the catalogs are coming in at least once every couple of weeks, I am getting back to this site, and planning the new garden.  First, though, a review of last year’s garden layout

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Carrots in my Cellar

After a couple of big freezes and thaws, the snow has finally come (January 11, 2012 was the first accumulation). Before this, I had successfully pulled my carrots, soil and all, and placed them in the cellar. They were frozen

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Day 116 Bush Beans and Snow Peas Experiments End

It’s been a great summer for gardening, and I wish I had kept up on the 30 minutes/day challenge, but we still have been eating well from the garden and will continue to do so.  The bush beans (providor) and

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Day 107 – Spills and a Squashed Patty Pan Plant

Managed to trip and land on one of my squash plants in the Hugelkultur bed, attempting to get at some of the tomatoes that have been almost completely covered by the amazingly large leaves of the patty pan.  Also bent

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Day 99 – Numbers skewed but the trends continue to favor the Lasagna garden bed

Took a week away last week, and it seems technology took a holiday as well in many forms.  First I lost (then later found) my flash drive. Then my MP3 player decided it had enough (Sansa Clip that was working

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Day 88 – Patty Pan Push Lasagna Bed Further Ahead

A couple of more pattypan squash have pushed the lasagna bed even further ahead, at almost 2.5 pounds (1.13kg) total yield from this gardening technique.  I remember over fourty years ago getting ready for “the coming of the metric system”.  Now,

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Day 85 – Lasagna Bed Takes the Lead

After a weekend away, the lasagna bed pulled ahead in the race for the most produce, with the hugelkultur bed surpassing the box bed by a little less than an ounce.  Bringing up the rear is the leaky wicking bed.  Putting

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Day 80 – When a Wicking Bed Goes Bad

It appears there is a leak in the plastic under the wicking bed.  Within hours of filling it (twice), the reservoir is empty.  The potatoes at the end appear to be missing the water, too – they are turning yellow

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