Comfrey Tea Composting Update – PU!

Comfrey coming into bloom

Photo Credit: Linda N

Within the first two days, the comfrey tea was looking dark brown, and not smelling at all. Great! I did it – or so I thought.  “I’ll just let it go for a week – let it get really ‘good’.” Not such a great plan.  After one week, it was smelling like a septic system gone awry.  I removed it from the bubbler, cut it with ten parts water and fed several plants, including:

  • One tomato plant – banana box garden(bbg) proper
  • One tomato plant – bbg – extended (with wicking bed)
  • One tomato plant – bbg – extended (with no wicking bed)
  • One patty pan squash – bbg proper
  • One box potatoes – bbg proper
  • One brocolli – hugelkultur bed
  • One patty pan squash – hugelkultur bed

These plants have similar ones next to them, so if there are any good or bad effects, it should show up within a couple of weeks.  The rest of the swill went onto the compost heap.  After a quick thunderstorm, there was no smell in the garden – thankfully!

Next experiment will be to use one quarter the amount of comfrey, and 1/2 the amount of water – the stone I have is about the size of a cherry, so there’s not a lot of oxygen getting through the mix.  Anyone else have experience with comfrey composst tea?

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