Comfrey tea for plants?

image of young comfrey plantI just gave my patty pan squash, as well as my broccoli seedlings and carrot seedlings a shot of comfrey tea.  Feeding tea to plants?  Comfrey itself has a good amount of nitrogen potassium and phosphorus.  According to, dried wilted comfrey has 0.74% nitrogen,  0.24% phosphorus, and 1.19% potassium.  Making a quick comfrey tea by cutting some fresh comfrey and steeping it for about four hours will probably yield less than this amount, but it is a quick addition and is not harmful to the plants, nor do you have to worry about any bacteria.  I cut one plant down, chopped it up and covered it with water (it filled about 1/6 of a tall pot).  Steeping on the stove for ten minutes then letting it cool, I pulled out the material, filled the rest of the pot up (so it was a 6:1 ratio of tea to water), then applied it to the base of the plants, and in between the seedlings.  As this has a higher NPK level than farm yard manure, I am hoping that the P & K help the squash set fruit, while the N will hopefully keep the leaves robust, while not making the plants just create more leaves.

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