Day 11 Raised Bed Alternative

Banana box for gardening: fill with soil and plant!  Easy, expandable, and fun!

Banana Boxes "chunk down" your garden chores!

Okay, so I’ve decided to try a different tack with the raised bed, more “compartmentalized”.  Makes it a lot easier to create a “Square Foot Gardening
” bed, as well as creating “special” mixes or experiments with different soils.  What I’m doing here is creating a rather large “banana box bed”.  Each banana box can have it’s own soil mix as well as plants, or you can just shovel in a general mix for the lot.  The boxes on the edges will eventually spill out from the sides (cardboard isn’t supposed to last forever), though you can bolster them up with soil, rocks, or –  if you don’t have a slug problem – boards.  I’m opting for the soil/rock combination, burying the rocks so there are no crevices for the slugs.  Sure, the slugs can get in between the boxes, but I can too – with fireplace ashes, diatomatious earth, or other irritating eco-friendly beneficial additives.  Another nice thing about banana box gardening is that it is easy to add to as you have the time and materials: sometimes looking at a garden bed can be overwhelming, but looking at one, two or several banana boxes makes it less daunting.  Generally, it’s one tomato plant per box, one potato plant, four peppers – you can either follow the general rules on the seed packet or pack them in like the square foot gardener.
Books similar to Square foot Gardening:
One Magic Square: The Easy, Organic Way to Grow Your Own Food on a 3-Foot Square


Still have to sit for a moment or two and decide what’s going to be planted where, and I’ve managed to misplace my “Carrots Love Tomatoes” book, but I’ll find it soon…

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