Day 12

Planted the potatoes!  Have 31 starts in the garden, nine in the wicking bed, nine in the lasagna bed, nine in the hugelkultur bed, and four in the banana box bed.  Why only four in the banana box bed?  Ran out of boxes!  Next grocery run I’ll get some more, still have more potatoes (King Harry, available from Wood Prairie Farm), and may end up planting them, as they’ve started to sprout they will taste bitter.  Planting took ten minutes total.  Looking at the banana boxes, with a small amount of dirt in them, I felt they may need a little “nitrogen nudge” – so I cut several of my comfrey back and layed the leaves both under and around the potatoes to give them a quick feed.  The comfrey next to the house was ready to start blossoming, so I caught that in time, the rest are not as far along, getting smaller the farther from shelter they were.

Beans Peas and Cukes shown as a matrix on a spreadsheet

Cukes to the left (which is south), Peas to the right, bush beans in the middle. Cage around the outside perimeter.

Hopefully will have video of my other fifteen minutes of planting: companion planted cucumbers, bush beans and snow peas, all in a 3×3 area.  Have one set up for each of the beds except the banana box beds, due to lack of boxes.  According to several sources, they are all good companions, so we will find out.  Cucumbers are on the south side, as they want the most sun, the bush beans are in the middle, probably too crowded at about 8″ apart from each other, and the snow peas are on the north side, as illustrated.

Last five minutes were spent watering.  Until they are well rooted, you do have to water the plants in the wicking bed, as well as the others.

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