Day 28 – Blast the Ballasts! Full Steam Ahead!

The grow lights (T8 Fluorescents) gave out on me today, following our sump pump alarm and the sump pump the day before, with a pinhole leak in the bathtub’s hot water pipe and an outlet dying in the kitchen. Ah home moanership.

Despite these setbacks, the tomatoe plants are catching up, and I have to redo my map of the garden, or do some transplanting, since the only room left is near the potatoes, where you DON’T want to put the tomatoes.  Thank goodness I don’t have any more to do…;)Home owner with wrench under the sink, while water shoots from the range top, and the fridge begins to leak.
Watering and setting up banana boxes took up the thirty minutes yesterday, and probably could have sped that up a bit too, but I want to get some pics of the banana boxes in progress. Yesterday was my “day off” dealing with electrical issue and taking a much needed break with my girls to a nearby lake. They went in and swam, found salamanders under the water (or mudskippers or something – I only saw a shadow while my eldest, blue-lips from the cold, continued to attempt to chase them to shore).

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