Day 33 – Williamsburg Farmer’s Market

Meekins Library on Route 9 in Williamsburg

Meekins Library, Route 9, Williamsburg, MA Photo courtesy

I’d dropped by the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market last week and seen several people who had nice healthy plants for sale. Hoping to get a head start, or at least move things along, I went down there again this Thursday. The gentleman I’d spoken with was no longer there, but a couple of others were offering some beautiful cucumber plants as well as several varieties of tomatoes. Ah, I couldn’t resist the tomatoes, and I got some good information as to why my cukes didn’t sprout: seems cucumbers like warm moist soil, not cold rain drenched to the point of floating away soil, which we had when I planted them. Gotta love farmers markets! There was bread, fresh veggies, free range turkey and more right on the Meekins library lawn. The Williamsburg Farmer’s Market is on every Thursday throughout the summer, so if you travel Route 9, it’s worth stopping by and seeing the sculptures and the market too.
So, with four tomato plants in hand, I went out this evening and took all of five minutes to plant them – one in each garden bed. Will be going out a little later to replant the beans that aren’t showing up, and see how my cukes inside are doing.


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