Day 32 – Carrots!

Purple carrots with orange centersCarrots – a mixture of Imperator(88%)  and Cosmic Purple (12%) went into two rows so far, one “row” (two banana boxes), and one foot in the Hugelkultur (I’ll have to see if that’s a pronoun) bed.  Since I had my hat and netting on, the black flies were just background noise as opposed to vision blocking ear buzzing nuisances.  The south side of the beds I was very careful with, planting in one inch rows, tipping and tapping the envelope to try to keep them even.  On the north side I did the “pinch and scatter”, then covered with a light coating of soil using the back of the rake on the open bed, and just covered with potting soil in the banana boxes.  The skies were looking very strange.  To the south of us in Springfield MA, two tornadoes touched down and injured a number of people, as well as doing damage to a good sized populated area.

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  1. OSuzanna says:

    I’ve been searchin’ around, and there are a couple of different opinions out there about compost ratios. Equal parts green and brown, Lots of brown and a little green, green and brown and some dirt to boot – what’s the best mix?

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