Day 35 – Experiments in Composting

Seems the 30 min/day is going to be more of an “average” than a set in stone scheduled time for me.  With young children’s schedules for acro, ballet, etc., along with work, trips to the “transfer station” (where we bring our garbage/recyclables), freak tornados, etc., we just have to be flexible.

Started experimenting with a no manure compost pile.  Only food scraps, grass clippings, weeds and wood chips from the local highway department (they chip trees that are in the way of power lines and dump them in an easily accessible pile near our transfer station).  It is starting to heat up, but I believe I need more water.  One of the nice things about the wood chips is that they were already starting to decompose – had a lot of white “spiderwebby” fungal growth inside.

Weeded for about five minutes, watered for ten, transplanted a couple of patty pan seedlings that were doing well (for a great recipe look here). Overall took an hour, as there were other things that took priority.  Also set up a soaker hose on the lasagna bed, to further reduce my time spent.

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