Day 37 – What if…

Watching “Over the Hedge” with my daughters about a month ago reminded me why I am glad I don’t live in a “community” where the by-laws strangle any creativity.  We do have our laws out here in the foothills of the Berkshires, but we don’t have meetings every time someone wants to grow something different in their yard.  Thinking along those lines though, I can imagine committees taking offense to some of my practices – like the banana boxes or containers for instance.  You can disguise the banana box hack fairly easily with soil, stone and/or hay.  You can even grow low-lying secondary crops on the outside of the boxes (lettuces, etc.) and have the main crop in the middle.  A couple of crude examples are below:

Container - side view showing the "dressing up of the sides

Container - side view showing the "dressing up of the sides

container buried discreetly

Container buried discreetly and decorated with hay.

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