Day 38 – “Container Bed” Done, Compost all wet.

I was thinking of dressing up the sides with ornate sea shells or my kid’s giant Lego blocks, but I decided to keep it more natural looking to our surroundings. I can easily take away the logs and add more boxes (and probably will).  These are just some examples of the ways you can make a banana box garden, a “garden in a bag” or a container garden look less – er, less like an abandoned tag sale.

Two banana boxes filled with garden soil, regular soil mounded up

"Containered" garden with various "dressings" so it doesn't look like an abandoned tag sale.

Managed to wash away what creatures there were growing in the “No Manure” compost bin: may have added too much water.  It was 80 degrees Farenheit today, and the middle of the compost bin was at least ten degrees cooler.  I’ll let it dry out some and see if it heats back up.  If not, I’ll set up another bin next to it, add more grass clippings and start again.

The thirty minutes consisted of

  • finishing the Container Beds ~ 20 minutes
  • weeding around the lasagna bed ~ 5 minutes
  • watering the carrots ~ 5 minutes
  • tucking the tomato starts under the comfrey to harden off ~ 5 minutes

More signs of life can be seen at

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