Day 46: DIY Strawberry Hill

Five boxes set up in a pyramid with a soaker hose snaked through them all, ready to be filled with soil.With the rain, and the rain, plus the thunderstorms, unexpected downpours, not a lot has been happening in the garden other than the routine slug hunts, but all is not lost.  Now that it’s drier (for the day), I’ll be making up the time creating a strawberry pyramid.  Here’s the plan, and we’ll see how well it holds up over the season.  I may have to plant something other than strawberries, since they are fruiting now – but companion plants can be harvested and the transplants will be moved after June:

The boxes are filled, now we need to add soil to the sides.Create a “pyramid” out of double corrugated boxes (banana boxes), add the irrigation, fill with soil (from the old garden, or you could buy/make your own mix), fill around the sides of the boxes to keep the soil in place, then plant.  More pictures to follow – no hieroglyphs: they take too long.

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