Day 48 – Add Yet Another Bed

Mini wicking bed in progressAdded another two banana boxes with a wicking option underneath.  Dug down four inches, layed down plastic, sifted the soil I had dug out and put the gravel and rocks onto the plastic.  Added a pipe and wood chips, then a perforated sheet on top, then the banana boxes on the top.  Put the screened soil into the boxes, voila! – one hour later I have another two spaces for tomatoes!  Added more grass mulch around the existing beds (another 30 minutes), and planted a box worth of carrots, hoping that these will mature past their first initial leaves.  Four days worth of thirty minutes.  Without doing the math, I think I’m back to “par” for the thirty minute challenge.

Beans and peas, potatoes in the backgroundThe beans and peas are showing progress, the patty-pan squash are doing well, too.  Potatoes are not a problem and the girls are eating the strawberries as they become ripe.  So far, so good!

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