Day 5 – The Day of Rest?

Okay, so my calendar was off.  It was a beautiful day, and tomorrow may rain, but I did get many other things accomplished, including getting some seeds locally.  As a final post for now regarding preparing a hugelkultur bed, I have found a few variations in the recipe:

  • 3 to 6 inches of soil, compared to 1 ft
  • adding a layer of manure on the logs, then adding the soil
  • logs, leaf mulch, soil vs logs soil, leaf mulch
  • Don’t bother watering vs water for the first three weeks

Definitely keep the wood completely covered, as it will act as a wick and instead of keeping the water it will wick it away.  Below is a video of another gentleman in Tennessee who is testing many different techniques:


or click: Hugelkultur in Tennessee

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