Day 80 – When a Wicking Bed Goes Bad

It appears there is a leak in the plastic under the wicking bed.  Within hours of filling it (twice), the reservoir is empty.  The potatoes at the end appear to be missing the water, too – they are turning yellow and wilting.  Fortunately, I have some extra soaker hoses that I just placed there, and much of the “extra” water will be absorbed by the now rotting wood chips that were the medium above the plastic that was there to “break up the surface tension and help facilitate wicking”.

The box beds are starting to catch up to the lasagna beds as far as yield is concerned, with the wicking bed taking a break to flower like mad and the hugelkultur bed following suit, though there was the one patty pan squash that was ready for a salad, and thus picked.

I am hearing the water pump working away in the cellar, and it’s been an hour of soaker hose activity in the garden, which should be enough for now.

Also amended the box garden with well aged manure (side dressing and a topping of dried grass clippings).

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