For the Obsessive Compulsive, for Rainy Days, for Black Fly Season

I’d always see the expensive packs of “seed strips” which were more expensive than buying the carrots fully grown in the supermarket and shake my head.  Suddenly it hit me – you should be able to make your own, and you can plant those small seeds quickly and minimize the black fly bites.

The Hack: Quickly plant rows without getting bitten by bugs, save time by multitasking:

  • Newspaper
  • flour
  • water
  • paintbrush (small) or eyedropper
  • seeds
  • scissors
  • tweezers (if needed)
  • Jar or plastic bag
  • and time (a rainy day, a soap opera (do they still run those things?) 
  1. Cut the newspaper into strips
  2. Make a paste from the flour (not corn flour or starch, as corn gluten’s a pre-emergent herbicide)
  3. Place Dots of paste on the strips with the small brush or eyedropper 
  4. Put seed on each drop
  5. Set aside to dry

Be sure that the seed tapes are dry before you store them, or you’ll have moldy bits of newspaper that probably won’t germinate.  If you have any dessicant (the “Do Not Eat This Package” packages found in many electronics), you can put them into the jar or bag as well to help keep things  fresh.

 You could also try freezing them, but I haven’t done this yet, and you’d want to double-bag them to keep the frost away.

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