Great Gift Idea for Your Winter Friends

Great Gift Idea - Seed Wreaths

Great Gift Idea – Seed Wreaths

What a great idea from Cooks Garden Center!  Using the different colored seeds for the different shades.   Almost makes me wish I’d grown more sunflowers – although the squirrels and the chickadees have made sohrt work of everything that was out there.  My daughter denuded several large sunflowers and we found we needed to continuously shake the seeds several times a day so they wouldn’t go moldy.  Her original intention was to save the seeds, but her fascination with the chickadees has gotten the better of her, so most of them are gone.

There are recipes out there for making your own as well, such as “The Mother Huddle” tutorial here, Stephanie Lynn’s interesting use of gelatin here, and several more ideas from “hlkljgk” here.

“Hlkljk” makes note that birds have a hard time with peanut butter(since they have no salivary glands), so be sure to mix in corn meal as well.

They are a great gift idea for craft fairs, too!

Starting 11/1, $4.95 Flat Shipping on Bird Seed Wreath orders with code FLATWREATH through 11/6!

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