Is organic food worth extra cost?

“… Organic milk is the number one-selling organic product, and can cost 50 to 70 percent more than regular milk. The main benefit is that organic milk is free from growth hormones, but read the label on conventional milks carefully.

Today, most store-brand milks also are free from added growth hormones and will cost much less. To save even more, check out the price of milk at drug chains like Walgreens and CVS that use milk as a loss leader and typically have the lowest prices on milk. …”

So there’s no growth hormones in the mass-market-milk, but I have to wonder: what else is in there that’s not in the press? Wide range anti-biotics to mention at least one? What else are the mass market meat and milk machines being fed that hasn’t been in the press?

Is organic food worth extra cost? :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Food.

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