Lettuce Have Salad the Whole Summer Long

Lettuce likes to bolt in the hot sun, but there are a couple of ways to keep the greens coming all summer long.

Hack #1: Leaf Lettuce –  Cut and Come Again – taking the outer leaves only, shocks the plant so it doesn’t think it’s matured.

Hack #2: Leaf Lettuce – Replant it – dig it up and move it to shock it once again.

Hack #3 Leaf and head lettuce – plant it in a shady spot.  I like to plant mine behind anything that’s going to take a while to mature and is going to be around awhile.  Since I let my peas grow on a trellis, I put my lettuce behind them and they just keep growing.  This works with tomato plants, too.  The only issue I’ve run into is with patty-pan squash that got enormous and shaded the lettuce completely.

Growing Lettuce – Keep Lettuce Growing in the Heat of Summer.

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