Potted Carrots

Over three pounds of carrots from a single pot!

Here they are using an “autopot” which is meant for hydroponics, but they find that rooted plants do better in soil.  After four months, 3.3 lbs (1.5 kilos) of carrots of all different sizes emerge! They planted densely, and thinned as the plants got bigger, so it’s not maintenance free, but for patio gardens, growing in the winter, growing indoors, it seems a pretty good arrangement, especially since you know what went into and onto the plants – probably nothing toxic…

Another way to have your carrots and eat it’s neighbors is to plant carrots and radishes, harvesting the radishes when they are ready.  As stated in Indoor Salad Gardening: “…radishes will be ready before the carrots, and the carrots will appreciate the extra room when their neighbors are invited to dinner!

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