Returns from the Day – Turning Tillage into Tomato Sauce

Chutneys and pestos and sauce, oh MY!

Chutneys and pestos and sauce, oh MY!

Returning from the farmer’s market with unsold goods means a monster salad to be eaten that night, or locally grown compost material that has a hidden value: “…As the farmers tracked the economics of their efforts, one found that his tomatoes, sweet peppers, and hot peppers, which came together in pasta sauce, cost $1.70 a jar to make and brought in $4 a jar at retail. Others used tomatoes left over from the weekend farmers’ market or onions that would otherwise be tilled under to capture their value-added returns. …”

The Hack:  How can you create and market produce from the returns of the day?  Tomato sauce? Chutneys? Salsa?  Jellies, jams, preserves?

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