Spinach Steamer Indoor Garden

Popeye would be proud. These are after about two weeks, and the main leaves are starting in. In the background are the lettuce plants I over planted figuring I’d eat the thinnings, which I have – though I find thinning a bit annoying. Next set of lettuce I plant I’ll plop myself down at the kitchen table and carefully¬†plant the lettuce so there’ll be less fussing with them.

baby spinach growing in a "Healthy Choice" steamer tray

Most spinach leaves you get from the store seem to go after a week or less if they’re not handled delicately. A couple of bruised leaves and they start to smell and go bad shortly afterward. It will be interesting to see how much of a yield we get. One of the downsides of the shallow planting is the frequent watering. Think we’ll go with a three inch depth on the potting mix next time so the watering can be less frequent.

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