Steamer Salad Update

Spinach in the steamer - only 1" of soil.

Spinach in the steamer – only 1″ of soil.


The lettuce has been doing well, but seems to have “lost it’s steam” – so to speak.  Each “steamer salad makes about one garden salad with the addition of some tomatoes and some chives, making it a viable option if you like “baby salad greens”.

They have grown up to about two and one-half inches, but seem to have stalled.  We’re starting a new experiment to see if – despite the popular belief – that lettuce is a shallow-rooted plant.  Indeed it may be, but how shallow? The spinach seems to be trying to bolt as well – at least some of them.  I’m letting them continue to grow, and have transplanted some of them into a six inch pot as well to see if it helps.

Transplanted spinach now in a six inch pot.

Transplanted spinach now in a six inch pot.

We have planted five “salanova” lettuce plants into a steamer tray, and five into a six inch pot to see which type it likes better.  The pictures would be of bare soil, so I have spared you the download time by not including the pics.  Stay tuned.


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2 comments on “Steamer Salad Update
  1. Elaine says:

    I just found your website with your Indoor Salad idea(March 30, 2013) and the subsequent Steamer salad update post. I know this was all posted last year but I can’t find what your final conclusion to the growing method was. Were you successful in growing Lettuce and Spinach in the Steamer containers? Sorry to bother you if you have already addressed this question.
    Thanks for your time.

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