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Day 32 – Carrots!

Carrots – a mixture of Imperator(88%)  and Cosmic Purple (12%) went into two rows so far, one “row” (two banana boxes), and one foot in the Hugelkultur (I’ll have to see if that’s a pronoun) bed.  Since I had my hat

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Day 31 Some Growing, Some Groaning

Most of the beds are showing signs of life. I overplanted in a couple of areas, other areas not much is showing up. Broccoli is overplanted in the lasagna bed, 25% germination in the wicking bed – about 50% germination

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How do I Get Cool Weather Crops to Grow in the Summer?

“… cool weather crops include leafy vegetables such as lettuce, chard and spinach, root crops including carrots and beets and cole crops such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. These vegetables are highest in quality when they mature in the cool

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