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Vertical Garden DIY

We’ve seen several vertical garden DIY’s from using old shoe organizers to custom crafted walls.  They have always intrigued, but not to the point of pulling out the saw or rearranging the shoes to create one.  This is an easily created

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Thumb Controlled Watering Pot (via funinthemaking.net)

This is an excellent easy to create waterer for just about any garden.  funinthemaking.net has a great idea for those syrup containers that I hate to throw away.  They’re sturdy, look good and I knew there had to be another

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Make a Compost Bin from an Old Storage Tub : Planet Green

From Planet Green, a simple DIY project to make a composting bin from an old storage bin.  Be sure it’s at least 3 cu. ft so that it’ll heat up properly.  You’ll also have to turn the pile once a

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Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter and Put Your Garden There Instead

Make your own “vertical veggie garden” with some gutter material and an exterior wall you’re not doing anything with anyway! The Hack: Use a wall and some gutter material to make a vertical garden where no garden has dared to

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Make it Yourself – or not…

Great article, a small tangent from gardening but worth it. http://www.slate.com/id/2216611/pagenum/all/#p2

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Tomato-tainers – Growing a Portable Garden

Moving soon? Need to conserve space? Need (or want) to conserve water? How about saving loads of money by making your own container garden and forgoing the shipping and handling charges for the ones advertised in the sunday magazines? Here’s

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Life’s Giving You Weeds? Make Weed Tea (for your garden)

Weeds, known by garden sages as “Dynamic Accumulators” are often the bane of gardeners and lawn keepers alike.  Instead of looking upon them as nuisances, use their strengths to strengthen your garden.  Yes, you’ll still have to pull them up,

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Rainbarrel Fitting DIY

Been looking for this in the stores and getting glazed looks. DIY is good! http://www.truetex.com/bulkhead.htm

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