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Is It Time To Garden Yet?

Icy stream

Is it time to garden yet?  The outside says no, but the calendar says now. Not outdoors – I tried – the shovel won’t break through the mulch unless I use a blowtorch, but I won’t go to those extremes.

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Day 13 and Transplanting Stawberry hacks.

Cleanup day.  Spent the 30 minutes cleaning up the wicking bed.  Weeds pulled up easily, thanks to the good soil and getting to them early. With the impending rain, I also decided it was time to start moving the strawberries

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Clever plot – Gardening is Now Fashionable

And if it’s fashionable in Europe this fall, you know that in spring it’ll be the rage in the US… Okay, so it already is here, with urban gardens, people converting their front yards into beautiful plots with decorative peppers

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Lettuce Have Salad the Whole Summer Long

Lettuce likes to bolt in the hot sun, but there are a couple of ways to keep the greens coming all summer long. Hack #1: Leaf Lettuce –  Cut and Come Again – taking the outer leaves only, shocks the

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How do I Get Cool Weather Crops to Grow in the Summer?

“… cool weather crops include leafy vegetables such as lettuce, chard and spinach, root crops including carrots and beets and cole crops such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. These vegetables are highest in quality when they mature in the cool

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