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Day 46: DIY Strawberry Hill

With the rain, and the rain, plus the thunderstorms, unexpected downpours, not a lot has been happening in the garden other than the routine slug hunts, but all is not lost.  Now that it’s drier (for the day), I’ll be

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Day 13 and Transplanting Stawberry hacks.

Cleanup day.  Spent the 30 minutes cleaning up the wicking bed.  Weeds pulled up easily, thanks to the good soil and getting to them early. With the impending rain, I also decided it was time to start moving the strawberries

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Indoor Strawberries | GardenHacker.com

Grow your own strawberry patch indoors!  This is great for kids as well as adults, you just have to keep the cats out! (in case of cats, I recommend the planters that don’t expose much soil). If you’re patient, you

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Richard Nunnallys Gardening Q&A | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Q:What suggestions do you have for controlling weeds and undesirable grasses in asparagus and strawberry beds? Crabgrass has also infiltrated the liriope in my borders. The Hack: Pulling the weeds and mulching, according to Richard.  My best solutions are newspaper

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Where did strawberries come from?

Tangent: The amazing strawberry – love them fresh from the garden, but they’re only around from June through late July, typically (in Western MA).  So where did strawberries come from? California strawberries, sometimes the size of small apples, are available year-round.

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