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Day 33 – Williamsburg Farmer’s Market

I’d dropped by the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market last week and seen several people who had nice healthy plants for sale. Hoping to get a head start, or at least move things along, I went down there again this Thursday. The

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Some conflicting information re: fungicides for tomato plants

“…Organic fungicides for the prevention and control of fungal disease include neem oil, Serenade® and Oxidate®. Compost tea is often recommended by organic aficionados, but research doesn’t support its effectiveness. Fungicides containing copper may have some effect but copper products may

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Polycyclic Epidemics – Know the Disease Cycle

Late blight has hit most of our tomato plants.  Matt’s Wild Cherry’s have so far shown resistance, but most of the others have been affected. The Hack: Bag the diseased plants, DO NOT COMPOST – it will only grow you

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Richard Nunnallys Gardening Q&A | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Q:What suggestions do you have for controlling weeds and undesirable grasses in asparagus and strawberry beds? Crabgrass has also infiltrated the liriope in my borders. The Hack: Pulling the weeds and mulching, according to Richard.  My best solutions are newspaper

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How Can I Give My Plants More Calcium?

Updated: From the University of Hawaii, Thanks to djeanis for the update! Link to U of HI paper on the process. http://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/oc/freepubs/pdf/SA-10.pdf Here’s a recipe I found and an interesting article, just don’t know how long to roast ’em for: 1.

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