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Indoor Salad Gardening

Learn how you can take a small space and create a salad garden indoors without the threat of bugs, varmints, or inclement weather!  You can grow most if not all of your favorite salad fixings right inside your home and not have

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city of johannesburg – Growing food in the inner city

“… Among others, this small garden, a hectare in total(2.5 acres), feeds over 400 inner city children. Of the 11 NGOs it supports, 10 are preprimary schools and one is an orphanage. A visit to one of them, Little Eagles

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MetaboliCity – Urban Gardening Social Site

Good site to peruse whether you’re in a city or in the country.  Find out what people are doing, what their latest innovations are for growing food in a limited space. This is a design research project by Loop.pH to

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